What is Built in Detroit?


BUILT IN DETROIT aims to grow the local economy by supporting the City's small businesses expand internationally.
We do this by supporting local makers and manufacturers access the global marketplace through export development workshops and financial resources.


how exports drive local economic development

Companies that export take advantage of limitless growth opportunities in the global marketplace. The global growth of Detroit’s businesses sparks business expansions and creates export supported jobs for the local economy. Export led economic growth, led by traded industries, also injects new capital to the region.

Trade supports good jobs with higher-than-average wages, and small-to-medium sized businesses account for 98 percent of U.S. exporters. International trade is a job creation engine that supports more than one in five jobs nationwide and in the City of Detroit, nearly one in three jobs are linked to the trade economy.


DETROIT and the global economy

The City of Detroit is the urban epicenter of a major trade hub in North America.

We produce and move goods designed for international markets.

Detroit’s industries, from family owned manufacturing firms to young technology companies, produce innovative goods and services that compete in the global marketplace. According to the International Trade Administration, the Detroit MSA is the sixth largest exporter in the U.S., with 7,330 firms selling or exporting $42.1 billion worth of goods and services to international buyers in 2016. About 89% or 6,527 firms of the total are small and medium sized businesses. Major global markets for Detroit exports include Canada, Mexico, China, Brazil and Germany. In addition, exports from Detroit accounts for more that 2/3 of total Michigan goods exports. Detroit exporters supported 98,300 local jobs directly and 228,600 local jobs indirectly in 2017.